13 citat från Riverdale som passar perfekt till dina Instagram-bilder

Har du slut på idéer på vad du ska skriva till dina Instagram-bilder? Då borde du spana in de här Riverdale-citaten som du kan använda!

1. ”Don’t underestimate her and don’t bet against her” – Archie Andrews.

2. “I don’t follow the rules. I make them. And when necessary, I break them” – Veronica Lodge.

3. ”I’m in the mood for chaos” – Cheryl Blossom.

4. “Don’t underestimate her. And don’t bet against her” – Archie Andrews.

5. “You wanted fire? Sorry, my specialty is ice” – Veronica Lodge.

6. “Listen up fives, a ten is speaking” – Cheryl Blossom.

7. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” – Josie McCoy.

8. ”In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in, and I don’t want to fit in” – Jughead Jones.

9. “We’re both so lucky, I mean, don’t you think? To have found the people that we’re meant to be with?” – Betty Cooper.

10. “I need girls with fire on my squad” – Cheryl Blossom.

11. ”Who would’ve thought at the beginning of the year, that we would all become great friends?” – Betty Cooper.

12. “If you can’t accept what I do, whatever I do, then we’re just… we’re not really friends” – Kevin Keller.

13. ”You can’t go through life trying not to get hurt” – Archie Andrews.

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Av: Mina Gilbertsson

Foto: Netflix